Blue 1 Cobalt, 2014
Thea Fiore-Bloom PhD (Southern California)
acrylic on cigar box with silver, glass, moonstone, mirror, photos and glass pieces
4" x 5" x 9" (10 x 13 x 23 cm)
Photo by Scott Chanson

We all had objects we treasured as kids. I believe these objects can act as signposts directing our adult selves to the very things that our unique soul longs to experience before we die.

My boxes sprang out of a coupling of my love for Cornell's work and the writing of my dissertation
Seeing Things Differently: Personal Objects as Icons of Soul. I made several series of boxes to explore and organize my thoughts about things.

This box is an assemblage hung on the memory of a funky found chunk of cobalt blue "waste glass" I picked up from the dirt as a kid. My childhood love of the glass foreshadowed later life encounters with the inky midnight blue of the Palazzo Farnese's renaissance star map fresco, pillars of light streaming through the radiant stained glass of Chartres Cathedral and the stunning sight of the Mexican sun soaking the cerulean walls of the interior courtyard of Frida Kahlo's
Casa Azul.